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Top Tips for Marketing Your Business by Reload Marketing

Marketing can be complicated and time consuming for your business so we have condensed our top ten recommendations for clients wishing to market their business.


1 Understand Your Customers

Research who they are, what they are interested in, where you can find them. Retail customers and business-to-business customers will require very different marketing techniques.


2. Branding Perfection

Think about Starbucks. I bet you can spot one without the word Starbucks underneath, that is the power of branding. Clean and simple branding will transcend different printing material and online resources.


3. Get your Website up and Running

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune but you need to start somewhere so customers and find you online. Google is a powerful search engine that can make and break businesses so get noticed online. Have a straight forward domain name as you use this as your address in all correspondence and advertising. Ensure that your homepage is clean and simple and easy for your customers to navigate around.


4. Talk to Google

Google is a powerful search engine so make the most of the tools that it has, such as Google My Business. The more tools you utilise the better you will perform with Google and get noticed by your customer online.


5. Use your network

You may already have an established list of contacts in your field. Don’t be afraid to work this network and let them know you are open for business. Business cards are a must to hand out, even in this digital world!


6. Get Social

Social Media can be great way to build your network and promote your business. You need to understand which channels to be on, how to interact and the rules that each channel commands. You would operate very differently on Pinterest to LinkedIn so understand which is appropriate for your business.


7. Search Engine Optimisation

It’s still all about Google. SEO can be minefield but ultimately Google wants to connect customers with what they are searching for. Understand the rules and what tools you can use to benefit your positioning. Only the top three in Google will do!


8. PR is Free Advertising

PR is often underrated in business but good PR can give you brilliant value for money. Contact local and industry news outlets to see if you can get any coverage for your business.


9. Advertising

Advertising is probably the most costly investment for a business which should bring in long terms gains. Advertising raises the profile of your business and puts it in the mind of customers ready for when they are ready to purchase. Don’t just think magazines and newspapers – also think digital. There are good digital advertising outlets that can be highly trackable.


10. Get expert advice

By outsourcing some or all of your marketing you will be able to use experts who understand what works and what doesn’t as they use marketing every day. They will be able to give expert advice and get you up and running quickly. Talk to us about your needs here.


Author: Becky Long at Reload Marketing