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Working with Facebook Ads, I see so many Benefits of Facebook Ads for businesses. However, I also see it getting oversold. A pinch of realism is often required. If you think you are getting £10k in sales from £50 media spend, let’s be honest I’d already be a millionaire sipping champagne on my yacht. I hear a lot of over-selling and it is in danger of killing the industry as expectations are not realistic.


Facebook Ads is basically media space. You get ads in front of people – simple. It is the same as that space you used to take out in a newspaper. The larger, more frequent, and better the ad, the more you are likely to see a return on investment. Taking out that tiny 20-word space on page 25, probably didn’t get the phone ringing off the hook did it? A longer more strategic approach to Facebook Ads will always pay off better than dipping your toe in the water.


However, now the negatives are out of the way there are so many positives about Facebook Ads that I love to shout about. And why they are great for businesses.


Specific Targeting

The ability to target your ideal audience is fantastic and will probably give you more accuracy and less waste, for a lower cost, than other avenues. If you are a local business, the ability to target by geography will be perfect for you. If you understand your ideal customer, you can layer Ads to reflect demographics (such as age, income etc), interests (hobbies, other business they follow) and actions (who are ready to spend money online).


Data, Analytics, and Insights

What Facebook gives you is incredible insights and data into not only how your Ad’s are performing, but also into the actions taken by the audience, what they do, how many convert sales and what those customers are worth. The data allows you to make changes to optimise your Ad’s so that you can get a better return on investment for your Ad spend. This is an ongoing process.


Audience Reach

On top of targeting, using the right Facebook tools, you can find broad audiences to match your ideal audience giving you longevity in lead generation. If you have an established audience, you can replicate all the similarities across a wider audience. Including B2B customers.


Retargeting your Customers

Retargeting is when somebody has been to your website but does not complete the sale or action you wish them too. You can then offer display adverts just to this audience and it can be highly effective in converting sales.


Facebook Ad’s for E-commerce

Facebook Ads are great for E-commerce businesses, allowing you are target specific products or categories to audiences. Retargeting customer who don’t complete their basket is also a powerful tool.


It’s not just Facebook

Facebook owns Instagram and Messenger so you may have guessed what when you advertise through Facebook you will get the choice between Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Stories, Feeds, Display and many more.


If you want to have the benefits of Facebook Ads for your business, get in touch here.