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In this post we look at 10 reasons to hire a Social Media Manager


1. “I don’t know where to begin”

I get it – the world of social media can be so confusing. Which platform should you be on? How do recent changes affect you? How frequently should you post? What do the insights mean?

A good Social Media Manager will guide you through this jungle, taking away all of the confusion.


2. It’s at the bottom of your to-do list

You know you should do it. You want to do it. But there is never enough time in the day. Let’s face it, running a business is demanding and Social Media takes time when used strategically. A Social Media Manager can take this on for you allowing you more time and head space to concentrate on running your business.


3. Brand Awareness isn’t enough

Brand awareness is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills. A good Social Media Manager will move your traffic from awareness into quality leads and purchasers.


4. You are too close to it

Have you ever received a bad review? How did that make you feel? A bad review of your business feels like a personal attack. Can you honestly say you will respond dispassionately? A good Social Media Manager will take the heat out of the situation to prevent escalations occurring and damaging your business.


5. Get your content noticed

A Social Media Manager knows how to create eye-catching images and videos to get your post noticed.


6. Build a Network

Guess what – Social Media Managers often know the best freelance people for other services too such as web development and PR. Tap into that expansive network to find experienced professionals to work with.


7. Do you hate Social Media?

Often our clients just don’t get Social Media, how it works and why people spend so much time on it. We understand it, and we love it. We don’t leave home without phones in our hands but that’s fine, we use our understanding to benefit your business.


8. Are you really at the top of your game?

Unless you want to stay constantly up to date with all the latest changes such as Instagram Reels and how TikTok works – leave it to us. It’s what we do.


9. They save you money

Yes you heard me right. They save you money.

Remember when you pressed the boost button to create an ad, spent some money but nothing happened? We wouldn’t have done that! We harness the power of paid traffic to get returns and we never hit the boost button.


10. Focus on what makes you money

Get on with running your business. You have limited hours in the day so hiring a Social Media Manager means that you can get on with all of the demanding tasks from your business such as project management, customer communications and understanding your finances.


If you have enjoyed reading 10 reasons to hire a Social Media Manager but need to find out more; simply book a free discovery call to find out what I can bring to your business.