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Stuck for Content – Here are 10 quick and easy ideas for content for your social media.

Do you suffer from writer’s block? You know you want to use social media more for business but you just don’t know where to start? I’ve compiled 10 quick and easy ideas for content for your social media. Pick an idea and get posting today.


 1. Let’s talk about you

Introduce the company, what are your values? Why did the company begin? What is the mission you are trying to achieve? If you use Instagram, stories are a great way to show the people behind the business.


2. National days

An oldie but a goodie, what national days are coming up that you can support? If it is Pancake Day, why not show your flipping challenge. These days allow you to have some fun and their hashtags are great at bringing in new audiences.


3. Testimonials

Use your reviews and testimonials in your marketing to build confidence in your abilities. Peer to peer recommendations is very powerful on social media so use it to your advantage.


4. Meet the team

Who works for you and what do they do? Does anybody have an interesting job role? It’s always great to meet the humans behind the business to build connections to the brand.


5. Charitable Giving

Do you support a charity? Use your platform to help raise awareness of causes and fundraising challenges. An easy starting point is a charity bake sale. Let’s face it, even the cold-hearted like charity and cake!


6. In-action videos

Can you create videos of the process of creating your product? Is there an element of manufacture or fitting that you can capture?


7. News and topical reports

Is there a news or industry hot topic that you can share? Remember to share your thoughts to add value to your post. Just beware of the source of your article to make sure it is credible.

A great place to start is BBC News


8. Social Media Competitions

There is nothing an audience like more than a competition. Think about the prize and rules and get posting! Be sure to read the platform providers rules on competitions thought so you don’t fall foul.


9. Use your supply chain

Do you use brands that supply solely to trade and not directly your customers? Can you share or use any of their content or images to help you in your sales? There is so much content created for social media brands are often happy for you to use it to reach a wider audience and give them better brand awareness. Be sure to get their permission first.


10. Use your customers

Encourage your customers to tag you in their photos. This is great customer generated content that you can use that will also show your product or service in use. Customers are a great way to produce new content but be sure to be active and engage with them online too.


Need more help?

This is a quick guide but should hopefully give you ideas for you to start posting social media content for your business today. If you want more help, we can provide monthly content plans to help you on your way or one on one advice session, simply contact us.